Burnley Player Salaries 2021-2022 Revealed

We have compiled all the data necessary, we know exactly how much these players earn. Join us and find out who has the most shocking salary and who still has a long ways to go!

Burnley Salary Overview

Have a look at our overview to find out who earns the most and who earns the least of all Burnley players.

playersalary yearsalary week
Ben Mee€2,860,000€55,000
James Tarkowski€2,600,000€50,000
Chris Wood€2,600,000€50,000
Erik Pieters€2,500,000€48,077
Ashley Barnes€2,080,000€40,000
Jack Cork€1,976,000€38,000
Robbie Brady€1,820,000€35,000
Nick Pope€1,820,000€35,000
Matej Vydra€1,820,000€35,000
Ashley Westwood€1,612,000€31,000
Johann Gudmundsson€1,560,000€30,000
Phil Bardsley€1,300,000€25,000
Matthew Lowton€1,300,000€25,000
Charlie Taylor€1,300,000€25,000
Kevin Long€1,196,000€23,000
Jay Rodriguez€1,000,000€19,231
Josh Brownwill€2,500,000€48,077
Dale Stephens€1,820,000€35,000
Lukas Jensen€1,000,000€19,231
Bailey Peacock-Farrell€500,000€9,615
Jimmy Dunne€350,000€6,731
Bobby Thomas€350,000€6,731
Will Norris€300,000€5,769
Mace Goodridge€300,000€5,769
Dwight McNeilDwight McNeil€300,000€5,769

Burnley pays its players a whopping total of 36.0 million euro’s per year!

Burnley – Salaries compared to the rest of the Premier League

The salaries are sky-high all over the Premier League. But how does Burnley fare against its competitors and against the rest of the league? For years now Burnley has been paying it’s player amazing salaries!

premier league salaries

The average yearly salary expenses in the Premier League are about 85 million euro. As you can see, and probably expected, Burnley is paying below the average.

Which Burnley player earns the most in the 2021-2022 season?

Ben Mee is the big star and earns the most of all the Burnley players. He earns 2,8 million euro per year! That is almost 10 times more than Dwight McNeil, the lowest paid player in the Burnley squad. Ben accounts for 10% of the club’s total salary expenses.

The amazing midfielder makes a stunning 303€ per hour and we even calculated his wage per second. Hold on: he earns 0,9 cents per SECOND.

Do you want to know a little bit more about the strong defender from the United Kingdom, please have a look at his wiki and get to know him for real!

Which Burnley player earns the least in the 2021-2022 season?

Dwight McNeil earns a ‘measly’ €300.000 euro. He is the lowest paid player at the club. But what did you expect? His salary is almost 10 times lower than that of Ben Mee. Oh well, he can’t be too depressed about it.

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