Virgil van Dijk

Discover everything you want to know about Virgil van Dijk: his current girlfriend or wife, his salary and his tattoos. Find out what house the Dutch centre back lives in and have a look at his cars!


BirthdateJuly 8th, 1991
BirthplaceBreda, the Netherlands
Length1.93 m (6 ft 4 in)
Positioncentre back
NicknameThe Dyke
TraitsPower Header

van Dijk Salary & Net Worth Revealed

Salary 2021

How much does he earn?

In 2017 the centre back signed a contract with Liverpool that nets him a whopping salary of 10.3 Million Euro (9.3 Million Pound) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns €28,142 (£25,295) per day and €1,173 (£1,054) per hour!

Per year€10,300,000£8,956,522
Per month€858,333£746,377
Per week€198,077£172,241
Per day€28,219£24,538
Per hour€1,175£1,022
Per minute€20£17

Since you've been viewing this page, Virgil van Dijk has earned...

This means the average man needs to work for at least 25.7 years to earn the same as The Dyke earns in only 1 month.

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Net Worth & Market Value

Net Worth:19 Million Euro (17 Million Pound)
Market Value:110 Million Euro (98 Million Pound)
He has been playing in the Premier League for quite a while now and we all know that the salaries in that particular competition are sky-high. After having made the move from Southampton to Liverpool he started to really earn boatloads of cash. Right now we estimate that his net worth is about 19 Million Euro (17 Million Pound). His Market Value is obviously enourmous, but we think that it is actually higher than his latest transfer might suggest. Many see him as the very best defender in the world and were he to make yet another transfer we think that the fee will be higher than 83 Million Euro. At the moment we think his Market Value is about 110 Million Euro (98 Million Pound).

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Virgil van Dijk Girlfriend - Rike Nooitgedagt

Meet Rike, Rike Nooitgedagt. These sweethearts have been together since Virgil played in the Netherlands.
Virgil van Dijk Girlfriend - Rike Nooitgedagt

The two definitely like to go shopping. Here you see the two in New York City. Rike doesn't look all that happy to be honest.. maybe she was just tired?

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Family - Get to know them

Daughter - Nila

Picture of Virgil van Dijk Daughter, called Nila
Source: Imgur

Nila was born in 2014, here you see father and daughter when the centre back was still playing at Southampton
Mother - Hellen

Picture of Virgil van Dijk Mother, called Hellen

His mother Hellen has been the most important person for Virgil when he was growing up.
Father - Ron

Picture of Virgil van Dijk Father, called Ron

His father Ron had left the family after he and Hellen divorced. He was not in touch with the player untill he started earning big money, as a result the centre back does not want to play with his last name on his shirt. Ouch..

van Dijk Tattoo - Does he have one?

Virgil van Dijk tattoo, the Dutch number 4 from Breda, the Netherlands
Source: Pinterest

He typically plays with long sleeves, so his tattoo is hidden most of the time. He does have ink though, look at his left arm
Virgil van Dijk tattoo, the Dutch number 4 from Breda, the Netherlands
Source: Imgur

A closer look at his ink. We see some roses, an eye and a clock. Interesting stuff!
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House - Where does he live?

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

House of the Dutch number 4, located in Liverpool, United Kingdom

This beautiful home in Liverpool is reportedly owned by the defender. Money can't be an issue and we fully expect him to be very happy at this nice place.

van Dijk Car - What does he drive?


Picture of his Mercedes   car

A big defender deserves a big car and that is exactly what he is driving. This very expensive and big Mercedes lets him drive around in style.

Player Bio

He is a defender who plays as a centre back for Liverpool in the English Premier League. The Dutchman is widely regarded as one of the very best defenders on the world and the scousers agree with that, given the fact that they paid Southampton a whopping 83 Million Euro (75 Million Pound) to take over Virgil's services. This not only made him the most expensive defender of all time but also the most expensive Dutch player of all time. So far he has absolutely lived up to his price-tag. He immediately started playing as a starter and since he joined the team in 2018 he has been the leader at the back and one of the reasons for Liverpool's very good results. He started his career at the youth-team of Willem 2 in Tilburg, the Netherlands. He later joined Dutch side Groningen before making the move overseas to Scottish club Celtic. There he really started to make a name for himself, which eventually earned him a transfer to Southampton. He is also the captain of the Dutch national team 'Oranje'. He has played a whole bunch of international games already but as of yet he has never made it to a World Cup or European Cup. He did score a few goals for Oranje though, most notably the goal versus Germany that won the Dutch a point and made them go through the Nations League Finals.

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