Lisandro Martinez

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Picture of the 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) tall Argentinian centre back of Ajax Amsterdam

BirthdateJanuary 18th, 1998
BirthplaceGualeguay, Argentina
Length1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
TeamAjax Amsterdam
Positioncentre back
NicknameLittle Butcher

Martinez Salary & Net Worth Revealed

How much does he earn?

In July 2019 the centre back signed a contract with Ajax Amsterdam that nets him a whopping salary of 1.2 Million Euro (1 Million Pound) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns €3,287.67 (£2,739.72) per day and €136.99 (£114.16) per hour!

Per year€1,200,000£1,000,000
Per month€‭100,000‬£83,333.3
Per week€23,076.9£19,230.7
Per day€3,287.67£2,739.72
Per hour€136.99£114.16
Per minute€2.28£1.90
Per second€0.04£0.03

Since you've been viewing this page, Lisandro Martinez has earned...

Wow! This means the average man in the UK needs to work for at least 2.77 years to earn the same as Little Butcher earns in only 1 month.

Net Worth & Market Value
Net Worth150,000 Euro (128,000 Pound)
Market Value11 Million Euro (9.3 Million Pound)
His career has just begun. His current net worth is about 150,000 Euros. He goes for about 11 million Euros in today's transfer climate.

Martinez Tattoo - Does he have one?

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Lisandro  Martinez tattoo, the Argentinian number 21 from Gualeguay, Argentina
That's a lion on his forearm, and he's roaring. The defender, on the other hand, is all smiles. (Image:

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

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Lisandro Martinez - Muri Lopez Benitez
Picture of his , who goes by the name Muri Lopez Benitez.
Amsterdam's gearing up for Christmas, and so is our couple. They've got sparkling smiles. (Image:

Lisandro Martinez - Muri Lopez Benitez
Picture of his , who goes by the name Muri Lopez Benitez.
The love birds are spotted near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is a customary visit with your partner. You're better off not going to the top without one. (Image:

Family - Get to know them

Mother -
Picture of Lisandro  Martinez Mother, called
Although we don't know the name of his mother, we know that he's very close to her. There are numerous pictures of her on his social media. (Image:

Father -
Picture of Lisandro  Martinez Father, called
This is an old pic of him and his father in Argentina. He's much thankful to his papa for helping him realize his dreams. (Image:

Martinez Car - What does he drive?

Picture of his    car
He's riding shotgun on what appears to be a golf cart. Seen with him is compatriot and Ajax mate Lisandro Magallán. (Image:

Picture of his    car
He's keeping the identity of his ride hidden for now. He can be seen obliging a young fan. (Image:

House - Where does he live?

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
House of the Argentinian number 21, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands
We found a pic of Muri at their home in Amsterdam. She's getting ready to go to the gym. (Image:

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
House of the Argentinian number 21, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Muri is one of the fittest WAGs around. She must have had the outfit that she's wearing in mind while deciding on the house's floor. It matches. (Image:


The little butcher is from Argentina. Ajax have decided to raid South America, and we don't blame them. In a world where transfer fees are skyrocketing, it is a wise move by the Amsterdam based club to turn to Latin America to get more than what they bargained for. Ajax is a club that is known to invest heavily in their youth teams. But they've very lightly tweaked their policies, and are now going after people like our defender here. They paid a paltry sum of 7 million Euros, insignificant considering today's transfer market, to the Argentinian side Defensa y Justicia for his services. He was making a name for himself with Defensa, and numerous other scouts were watching him, but Ajax got serious with their offer and got their man. He's primarily a left-footed centre back, but can also play as a left back or a defensive midfielder. He's a solid player that has excellent jumping abilities. His ball control skills and his vision to pick out passes is extraordinary. Having progressed through the academy of Newell's Old Boys, he has come to the right place to help himself develop as a footballer. His 2019 has turned out to be amazing because he also received his first call up to Argentina's senior side. We will continue to monitor his growth.

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