Carlos Soler

Discover everything you want to know about Carlos Soler: his current girlfriend or wife, his salary and his tattoos. Find out what house the Spanish midfielder lives in and have a look at his cars!


BirthdateJanuary 2nd 1997
BirthplaceValencia, Spain
Length1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
NicknameEl Chino

Soler Salary & Net Worth Revealed

Salary 2021

How much does he earn?

In December 2019 the midfielder signed a contract with Valencia that nets him a whopping salary of 2.1 Million Euro (1.8 Million Pound) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns €5,753 (£4,932) per day and €240 (£205) per hour!

Per year€2,100,000£1,826,087
Per month€175,000£152,174
Per week€40,385£35,117
Per day€5,753£5,003
Per hour€240£208
Per minute€4£3

Since you've been viewing this page, Carlos Soler has earned...

This means the average man needs to work for at least 5 years to earn the same as El Chino earns in only 1 month.
Net Worth & Market Value

Net Worth:2.5 Million Euro (2.1 Million Pound)
Market Value:50 Million Euro (42.1 Million Pound)
His wealth will be decided by how well he performs on the pitch. It's estimated to be about 2.5 million Euros now. His current market value is about 50 million Euros.

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Carlos Soler Girlfriend - Cristina Torres

He looks genuinely happy at having her by his side. We're genuinely unhappy about his choice of outfits. We understand that he's on holiday, but that's no reason to be a slouch.
Carlos Soler Girlfriend - Cristina Torres

We know he's done much better here and totally dig the matching white outfits.. Cristina is elated on getting a big fat smooch from the Chino.

Family - Get to know them

Mother - Mercedes

Picture of Carlos  Soler Mother, called Mercedes

His mum has such a cool name. She was celebrating the Copa del Rey title here. Chino's dad and girlfriend are also in this picture.
Grandfather - Rafael

Picture of Carlos  Soler Grandfather, called Rafael

Not a lot of footballers post pictures of their grandparents. But our boy is an exception. We're trying to figure out if he likes one more than the other.
Brother - Alejandro

Picture of Carlos  Soler Brother, called Alejandro

He's got a brother who's a bit of an anonymous fox. By that, we mean we couldn't figure out what he's up to with his life.

Soler Tattoo - Does he have one?

Carlos  Soler tattoo, the Spanish  number 8 from Valencia, Spain

With our boy wearing Adidas, there are already too many stripes on him at any given time. If he were to get any more, he'd be a zebra.
Carlos  Soler tattoo, the Spanish  number 8 from Valencia, Spain

He's lost deep in thought thinking about whether tattoos would still look cool in 20 years from now. When his skin has shrunk and lost all its elasticity.
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House - Where does he live?

Location: Valencia

House of the Spanish  number 8, located in Valencia

He's a native of Valencia and has made it to the top of his city's football tree. He's got a nice girlfriend who has clearly played a part in decorating this house. It looks pristine and a tad girly.

Soler Car - What does he drive?

Picture of his    car

Is it just us, or does he looks unhappy sitting behind the wheel? Perhaps he likes to ride shotgun?
Volkswagen Beetle

Picture of his Volkswagen Beetle   car

We were right. If any man could be happy being in a Beetle, it could only be due to other reasons. Our theory has been proven correct. He's not a big fan of driving.

Player Bio

He's a key player in Valencia's midfield and is a homegrown talent too. Los Che are doing everything right with their Cantera, where they have adopted a model that produces some world-class talent. It's the best approach considering the nature of the football market and the crazy inflation that it has encountered over the past few years. As a child who was born in Valencia, this midfielder started as a striker but was developed into a solid midfield player with multiple positive attributes. He joined his hometown club as an eight-year-old, and in 2016 made his debut for the first team. Not many players get the kind of opportunity that he has, but it must be noted that he is exceptionally good at what he does. He's not the fastest or the strongest on the pitch but makes up for his shortcomings with his excellent positional play. He's an intelligent passer of the ball and works well in compact spaces. He also comes handy with his limited dribbling ability and can be useful when the team's looking to progress the ball further up the pitch. El Chino, as he's fondly called, is a team player and has had an excellent year in 2019. He tasted domestic success when his club lifted the King's Cup defeating FC Barcelona, and won the Under-21 Euro with Spain. He's yet to make a senior appearance for his nation.

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