Chase Young

Join us and discover everything you want to know about his current girlfriend or wife, his incredible salary and the amazing tattoos that are inked on his body. Find out what house the American defensive end lives in or have a quick look at his cars!

BirthdateApril 14th 1999
BirthplaceUpper Marlboro, Maryland, United States
Length6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
TeamWashington Redskins
Positiondefensive end
NicknameThe Predator

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Chase Young - Single
Picture of his , who goes by the name Single.
Do the Redskins not have enough money to buy him a jersey that fits? If he's deliberately wearing his jersey like a crop top, he needs to stop. We don't think girls appreciate that. (Image:

Chase Young - Single
Picture of his , who goes by the name Single.
This looks much better, doesn't it? He can now go out and find a girlfriend for himself. (Image:

Young Tattoo - Does he have one?

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Chase  Young tattoo, the American number 99 from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States
He's got a massive tattoo of his year of birth on his back, and his last name, too. At least these are permanent. He wouldn't have any regrets having them. What if he starts disliking the font, though? (Image:

Chase  Young tattoo, the American number 99 from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States
If lions could voice their opinion, they'd ask people to stop getting their faces tattooed on. It's one of the most overused tattoos, and he's got one on his arm too. (Image:

Chase  Young tattoo, the American number 99 from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States
The gentleman that you see on his arm was his granddad. He was a US Air Force Vet. (Image:

Family - Get to know them

Mother - Carla
Picture of Chase  Young Mother, called Carla
Carla works for the investigative office of the nation's transport department. She should investigate into his crop top habit. (Image:

Father - Greg
Picture of Chase  Young Father, called Greg
Dad wears a dejected look. Perhaps he has been telling our boy about his fashion choices, and it has been in vain. Greg used to be a cop too. (Image:

Young Car - What does he drive?

Ford Mustang
Picture of his Ford Mustang   car
He's not driving that car, and that's no way to pose on a classic. Who comes up with these ideas? (Image:

Picture of his    car
Biking took him places. It also increased his leg strength a great deal. (Image:

Rolls Royce Wraith
Picture of his Rolls Royce Wraith   car
We found this picture. Is that the first car that he bought with his massive paycheck? We wouldn't be surprised if he did. The Wraith adds a new meaning to GT cars. (Image:

House - Where does he live?

Location: Maryland, United States
House of the American number 99, located in Maryland, United States
We know that's his place in Maryland because that's where he attended the Virtual NFL Draft from. It's not going to be long before he gets a crib of his own. (Image:

Young Salary & Net Worth

How much does he earn?

In April 2020 the defensive end signed a contract with the Washington Redskins that nets him a massive salary of 8.6 Million Dollars (7.9 Million Euros) per year. We have crunched the numbers, this means he earns $23,562 (€21,569) per day and $982 (€899) per hour!

Per year$8,600,000€7,872,741
Per month$716,667€656,062
Per week$165,385€151,399
Per day$23,562€21,569
Per hour$982€899
Per minute$16€15
Per second$0.27€0.25

Since you've been viewing this page, Chase Young has earned...

Wow! This means the average man in the United States needs to work for at least 13 years to earn the same as The Predator earns in only 1 month.

Net Worth: 500,000 Dollars (445,000 Euros)
He has just been drafted by the Redskins. Details of his contract are not out yet. He's expected to make a good amount due to his high pick. We're estimating his net worth to be about 500,000 dollars as of now.


A towering figure at 6'5", he is indeed a fearmonger with his predator like hairdo. Our defensive end is a secure tackler and an elite pass rusher who has improved drastically in the time that he was with coach Larry Johnson at Ohio State. His 2019 season was off the charts, and the Predator registered a total of 46 tackles and 16.5 sacks, which blew his previous two years out the water. If you've watched him play before you'd know how quick off the blocks this boy is, despite his massive figure. He is good with his upper body, but his athleticism is just phenomenal. He's also a team player that did whatever the coach asked him to do even if it meant compromising on a few things on the field. He started playing as a quarterback at St. Vincent Pallotti High School in Laurel, Maryland but switched to defensive end later in the year. He finished schooling at DeMatha Catholic in Hyattsville, Maryland. One of the few players to be invited to the 2020 NFL Draft that was held virtually due to the pandemic, he was picked by the Washington Redskins as the 2nd overall in Round 1. We are very eager to see how he'll fare at the biggest stage of them all, and presented with all the facts we are very hopeful.

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