Shaquille O’Neal

BirthdateMarch 6th, 1972
BirthplaceNewark, New Jersey, United States
Length2.16 m (7 ft 1 in)
NicknameManny Shaq-Iaou, Superman, Diesel
TraitsStrength, Defensive Consistency

Picture of the 2.16 m (7 ft 1 in) tall American center of

O'Neal Salary & Net Worth

How much did Shaquille O'Neal earn?

Shaquille O'Neal has a net worth of...

339 Million Euros (400 Million Dollars)

A charismatic character on and off the court, his NBA career was a profitable one, to say the least. The number one overall pick in the 1992 NBA Draft, this burly star was traded to the Lakers in 1996. He made his riches and established himself as a player in LA. He is the league's fourth-highest earner of all time, and it shouldn't come as a surprise when you find out that most of his off-court investments have been in the food space. Aunty Anne's, Krispy Kreme, Papa Johns, and Five Guys have been the benefactors. We're estimating his net worth to be in the region of about 400 Million Dollars, and he could very well increase that if he keeps playing smart with his money.

Current Job

What does O'Neal currently do?

Shaquille O
Music, Acting, Investing, Running businesses. He has done it all. It looks like the big man's appetite is constantly expanding. (Image:

Iconic Moments

Baby Sitter Shaq
Shaquille O
"I'm going to be babysitting" was his famous quote when he was first asked about Kobe after moving to LA. The big man had spent a few seasons in the league, while the Mamba was fresh out of high school. You don't speak about your teammate like that, but hey, it's the Big Diesel. He can say whatever he wants. (Image:

Marketing Ploy?
Shaquille O
There was no serious rift between these two at any point. He has since maintained that it was all a marketing ploy to improve their brand values and that they're good friends. Although he says that, and there's a reasonable belief that it could be true, these two acted petty at times. It was funny for us to watch it unfold. (Image:

Big is Better
Shaquille O
His fitness issues have plagued him for a very long time. He was never dedicated to maintaining his weight. The man indulged, and it began showing in his game. His athleticism was no longer relevant, and he became a shadow of his former self. (Image:

Diesel's A Liability
Shaquille O
This 4 time NBA Champion was already past his prime when he departed the Lakers in 2004. He had already won three titles with the LA team and would go on to win just one more with the Heat in 2006. The cost of using Diesel became a problem for teams. He should have been more dedicated to his trade is all we're going to say. (Image:

Mr. Sheriff
Shaquille O
He was granted an honorary Deputy Sheriff title by the Bedford County and took part in a home raid. He was also sworn in as a Sheriff's Deputy, this time in Jonesboro, Georgia and is a record holder for being the tallest sheriff's deputy. (Image:

Shaquille O
The big star has an active interest in a career in law enforcement. It goes back to his LA days. He trained to become a reserve officer in Miami too. He would have made an imposing officer of the law, had he not become an NBA legend. (Image:

Shaqtin A Fool
Shaquille O
The Americans are the leaders when it comes to the entertainment industry. The ability to create something from nothing and convincing people to buy into the hype comes so very naturally to them. Shaqtin A Fool is one such program. (Image:

Loony Shaq
Shaquille O
Who would have thought about getting bloopers from a basketball game's footage and make it into this legendary show that people love? Roping the big man in was an added bonus because of his natural inclination to being a goofy man. (Image:

Shaq Fu
Shaquille O
His music career is as old as his basketball one. He started in 1993 and performed Rap Music. He even featured alongside Michael Jackson as a guest rapper on '2 Bad'. Is there anything that this man hasn't tried? It turns out that he's more than moderately good at the things that he does. (Image:

DJ Diesel
Shaquille O
He has also been DJing as a hobby. He goes under the stage name Diesel. While we've never been to one of his performances, we hear decent things about them. He even tours the world playing for audiences all over. His NBA fame could be why he attracts all the crowd. Who wouldn't want a glimpse of this Grizzly Bear? (Image:

Kung-Fu Panda
Shaquille O
Legend has it that it was this pose that inspired Hollywood to make Kung-Fu Panda. While he has just used it in a movie, he convinced the studio bosses behind the scenes to make the legendary animated flick happen. It was either that or DreamWorks had a very vivid fantasy. (Image:

The Next Rock? You Wish
Shaquille O
He aspires to be the next Rock. While Dwayne has a funny side to him, we're not sure if he'd make it as a strong performer. He has an acting career going, but we can't see past his goofiness. It's going to be one big gamble for anyone wanting to make a movie with him in the lead. (Image:

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Shaquille O'Neal Girlfriend - Dani Nicole
Picture of his Girlfriend, who goes by the name Dani Nicole.
Dani look. There's a whale. It's almost as big as me. (Image:

Shaquille O'Neal Girlfriend - Dani Nicole
Picture of his Girlfriend, who goes by the name Dani Nicole.
Dani has her work cut out with him. The petite girlfriend is in for one rough ride. (Image:

Family - Get to know them

O'Neal Ex-Wife - Shaunie
Picture of Shaquille O
He was married to Shaunie for a while. At 5'7", she's probably the tallest he has ever been with. (Image:

O'Neal Ex-Partner - Nicole Alexander
Picture of Shaquille O
He clearly has a type. No wonder these girls leave him after a while. Big becomes unbearable after a while is what we've come to learn from the ladies. (Image:

O'Neal Car - What does he drive?

Hummer H2S
Picture of his Hummer H2S   car
At least he is being sensible when it comes to his cars. The Hummer can fit all of his body inside it. (Image:

Ford F-150
Picture of his Ford F-150   car
He never allows an opportunity to be flashy go by without making use of it to the fullest. (Image:

House - Where does he live?

Location: Windermere, Florida, United States
House of the American number 36, located in Windermere, Florida, United States
The place is ideal for an NBA star that's as ornate as he is. (Image:

Location: Windermere, Florida, United States
House of the American number 36, located in Windermere, Florida, United States
The one time he was sensible with his accessories was when he chose the interior of this house. This is class. We've got some hope left for him. (Image:

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