Paul Gascoigne

BirthdateMay 27th, 1967
BirthplaceGateshead, England
Length5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
TraitsAccurate Passer

Picture of the 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) tall English midfielder of

Gascoigne Salary & Net Worth

How much did Paul Gascoigne earn?

Paul Gascoigne has a net worth of...

125,000 Euros (135,000 Dollars)

It's a miracle that he's got any money left in the bank. A major hit with the fans, mostly due to his outlandish behavior, this English player wasted away the money that he made from playing football, being addicted to drugs and alcohol. He played in the 80s and 90s and didn't bag any cash from signing mega sponsorship deals. A reckless attitude combined with funds from the game fueled his addictions. The former Rangers midfielder has made at least one or two lawyers rich. After all the fines, the settlements, and legal fees, his net worth is estimated to be about 125,000 Euros.

Current Job

What does Gascoigne currently do?

Paul  Gascoigne current job, the English number 8 from Gateshead, England
Gazza wanted to try his hand at being a manager after he stopped playing. Kettering Town did give him a chance. Knowing Gazza, we'd have been shocked had he made something of it. He's keeping busy posing for selfies these days. (Image:

Iconic Moments

Rehab's Been Life
Paul  Gascoigne most iconic moment, the English number 8 from Gateshead, England
He was a zealot who had no sense of middle ground whatsoever. Obsession is what drove him, but sadly the same obsession got him addicted. He was a troubled child who was traumatized by the experiences that he had, and no one was able to offer him the help that he needed. Alcohol, drugs, opioids, and Red Bull have been sought by him as outlets. He has had himself checked into rehab, but it hasn't been very helpful in the past. Gazza looks like he's a changed man now. He's mellowed a bit, but it could have been a lot worse. (Image:

Journos are....
Paul  Gascoigne most iconic moment, the English number 8 from Gateshead, England
Football made him happy, put him in the spotlight, and with it brought its own set of problems. The need to peer into another human's life and the fact that there was something to be gained from it made this whole scenario a nightmare for him. This is why privacy is paramount. Anybody that ever said otherwise was functioning with only half a brain cell. Intrusion into his life tore his family apart and got him boozing. He also contemplated suicide on multiple occasions. Nobody seems to have learned anything from his experience. Things have only gotten far worse than they have ever been. (Image:

Positive Reinforcer
Paul  Gascoigne most iconic moment, the English number 8 from Gateshead, England
We're not sure if we are to laugh at this whole incident and brush it off or be really worried. This happened on a train when he kissed a lady, a stranger, on her lips. When taken to court, he said he was trying to boost her confidence because she was being bullied. The pinstripe suit, the stubble, the earrings, and the glasses are not doing him any favor. How do we speak for him? He's dressed like a stereotypical sex offender here. Whatever the case may have been, you don't kiss random people on their lips, Gazza. You just don't. (Image:

Soul Sucker
Paul  Gascoigne most iconic moment, the English number 8 from Gateshead, England
How can someone that looks at you like that exploit your troughs like that? We're not crying murder, but what Sheryl did was inexplicable. She wrote a book called 'Surviving Gaza' that revealed all sorts of scandals about him. Hear us out. She had every right to write that book. Maybe it was therapeutic to her, but did she not think about the man for a second before publishing it? Knowing his state of mind and everything that he has been through, we're not very pleased with her actions. It wasn't like she wrote a diary. She released a fricking book for the entire world to read. There was monetary gain too. This was predatory from Sheryl. (Image:

Love Life - Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Paul Gascoigne Ex Wife - Sheryl
Picture of his Ex Wife, who goes by the name Sheryl.
Sheryl was married to our legend for a while. Neither one looks happy in this picture. (Image:

Paul Gascoigne Ex Girlfriend - Wendy Leech
Picture of his Ex Girlfriend, who goes by the name Wendy Leech.
A former girlfriend that took him to the cleaners. Her last name's Leech. Should we say more? (Image:

Family - Get to know them

Gascoigne Step Daughter - Bianca
Picture of Paul  Gascoigne Step Daughter , called Bianca
Bianca is Sheryl's kid from a previous relationship. Gazza treated her like she was his, but she would have been better off had she wasn't exposed to his antics. (Image:

Gascoigne Sister - Lindsay
Picture of Paul  Gascoigne Sister, called Lindsay
A worried sister that has been there for Gazza from the beginning. They're caught in a happy moment here. (Image:

Gascoigne Son - Regan
Picture of Paul  Gascoigne Son, called Regan
This good looking bloke is his son. He hasn't become a footballer like his dad. It's still too early to expect another one from this family. (Image:

Gascoigne Car - What does he drive?

Picture of his    car
He has been apprehended for drunk driving numerous times in the past. A motor vehicle isn't something that he should be controlling. Gazza can be seen trying to hitch a ride here. He was heavily drunk as well. (Image:

Picture of his    car
A bike is the best mode of transport that he could use. This is from recent times, and he looks a lot healthy here. (Image:

House - Where does he live?

Location: Gateshead, United Kingdom
House of the English number 8, located in Gateshead, United Kingdom
He had a kickabout with his nephew at his home. It's nice to see the legend do something he loves. The house looks compact and pleasant. (Image:

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