Arsene Wenger eyes Monaco-job

Can Master Henry Turn Into Student Once More?

Interesting developments from France. The WTFoot editorial team has heard some very spicy rumours from the South of France. Could Arsene Wenger be making a comeback as a manager?

It is no news that Thierry Henry has been having a very difficult start of the season at his new team, AS Monaco. In fact the team from the rich Southern French City-State are basically bottom of the league with only 7 points out of 13 games.

Thierry Henry needs some help, an experienced manager to give him a helping hand. Arsene Wenger might provide just that. The two obviously share a history, at Arsenal Thierry and Arsene worked together for more than 10 years.

Perhaps Arsene could become Henry’s Master once more? Wenger has been out of a job since the summer but it is no secret that he would like to start managing again. He has an enormous amount of experience. It would be a shame should that go to waste.

We are keeping a close eye on the situation.


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