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Who Is Olivia Culpo? Meet The Ex-Miss Universe, Model WAG Of Christian McCaffrey!

Olivia Culpo Quick Facts & Wiki

BirthdayMay 8th, 1992
Place of BirthCranston, Rhode Island, United States
ResidencyUnited States
BoyfriendChristian McCaffrey
JobActress, Model, Influencer
Height1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight52 kg (114 lbs)
Sister / BrotherShe has four siblings named Sophia Culpo, Aurora Culpo, Peter Culpo, Gus Culpo
Father & MotherHer parents’ names are Susan Curran, Peter Culpo
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Net Worth (approx.)$7 Million

Olivia Culpo Biography

Christian McCaffrey is an excellent football player in all aspects. He has energy, dedication, and devotion to the game. He ensures to give his best in every match. It is why football fans see him as an idol. However, Christian also has an excellent support system. The name of his girlfriend is Olivia Culpo. He is lucky to have a girlfriend as beautiful as her. She has achieved a lot of success in the fashion industry. There are several unique things about her, and this article will summarise all of them.

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She Is A World-Famous Model

The birthplace of Culpo is Cranston, Rhode Island. She is the daughter of Susan and Peter Culpo. The famous American model has four siblings. Two of them are younger than her and two older than her. Olivia remains close to her siblings. Her childhood was full of love and care. Because she grew up with four siblings, Olivia had a lot of fun.

Olivia would study and play with her siblings. Being a middle child enriched her life in several ways.

She looked up to her older siblings for guidance. Olivia and her siblings became successful and humble people.

Olivia was a popular kid in school. Culpo attended St. Mary Academy – Bay View. However, she was not keen on studies as a child. However, Olivia was good at extracurricular activities. She had a knack for performing arts. Her beauty and confidence made her famous in school.

Olivia always knew she would become a performer. She was never interested in studies or theoretical subjects. However, Olivia still pursued higher education for the sake of formality. She attended Boston University but did not graduate. It was because Olivia found better opportunities outside the college. It did not make sense to finish high education when her career took off.

She Has Irish And Italian Features

Olivia is an all-American girl. However, her beauty comes from her mixed background. Her father is the co-owner of several businesses around Boston. Her parents raised her in a loving home in the Edgewood neighborhood of Cranston.

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Olivia inherited some beautiful Italian features from her family. Her mother has some Irish ancestry. Her siblings, Pete, Aurora, Gus, and Sophia, are as beautiful as her.

Olivia Is A Musical Genius

Olivia always loved music. She was talented at understanding notes and pitches. Her musical inclination inspired her to study the cello in second grade. Her cello skills improved with time, and she became a well-known player in her school. Olivia also participated in several music events during her childhood.

She played in the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and made it a stepping stone to her success. She later participated in the Rhode Island Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble.

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Olivia also delivered a stellar performance in the Bay View Orchestra. Her musical talent took her to the Rhode Island All-State Orchestra. Olivia studied music professionally at the Brevard Music Center. She attended the center for two summers, making the most of her time.

Olivia performed with the Boston Accompanietta after finishing her professional music studies.

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She Has A Colorful Dating History

Olivia Culpo is among the most beautiful women in the world. She has a gorgeous face and a charming personality. Unsurprisingly, several famous men have fallen in love with her. Culpo dated the celebrity musician – Nick Jonas from 2013 to 2015. She had a romantic connection with athlete Tim Tebow until November 2015. Her links with celebrities always made her fans curious. Olivia was in an on-and-off relationship with Danny Amendola, a famous football player. Fans were surprised to discover that her uncertain relationship with Amendola lasted three years, from February 2016 to April 2019. Amendola was not the only footballer that had a relationship with the supermodel. Culpo is in a relationship with football player Christian McCaffrey. She began dating him in 2019.

Christian and Olivia are the perfect celebrity couple. They have similar personalities.

They get along well because they are career-oriented people. They support each other through thick and thin. Fans love this power couple of the glamor world. Olivia has dated several famous men, indicating she has sky-high standards. Whether Christian will become the love of her life will only be determined by time.

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